The harvest is in the seed

Launch Ceremony of the AfricaSeeds Strategy Document

The aim of this launch is to officially outdoor AfricaSeeds’ new strategy, inform all partners and stakeholders about its context, dimensions and thrust as well as popularize its contents for familiarization by all.


Key Messages

Some key messages to be disseminated during the launch include the following:

  • Quality seeds are the prime input in agricultural transformation, enhancing agricultural productivity and ultimately making it possible to realize the goals of food and nutrition security, livelihood empowerment and poverty alleviation.
  • To facilitate ASBP implementation, AfricaSeeds will seek to galvanize action by all seed sector stakeholders across Africa to respond to the AU call to collaboratively address the continental seed concern.
  • The success and effectiveness of the New Strategy will be enhanced if Africa’s seed development practitioners, development allies, farmers and all other related institutions join forces with AfricaSeeds and with each other to achieve the seed sector goals that Africa has set.
  • In view of the experience from past funding constraints, it is important that a support environment be developed with the assistance of AUC and AU Member States to position AfricaSeeds to effectively conduct its part in the assignment of continental seed security that AU is championing.