The harvest is in the seed

The overall strategy of AfricaSeeds for the period 2016-2025 spans over three broad developmental areas, in which AfricaSeeds will specialize. These areas are (1) development of a seed knowledge gateway for the seed sector of Africa; (2) capacity building, especially training, to build up capabilities for the effective implementation of planned interventions; and (3) coordination of all seed sector interventions in Africa to ensure proper recording and follow-up of actions in order to keep track of progress made towards established goals.

AfricaSeeds will therefore address the needs for seed sector development in cooperation with all seed stakeholders and developmental partners, through integrated seed sector development actions, public private partnerships and networking to achieve sustainable national, regional and continental seed programs and industries, in line with the ASBP and the goal of continental agricultural transformation and food security.

To know more about the AfricaSeeds strategy for the seed sector development, please download the strategy document.