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AfricaSeeds New Strategy 2022-2031

In 2015, AfricaSeeds adopted a strategy reflecting its vision and mission that would enable it to effectively play its role in collaboration with its numerous partners to address the imperatives of seed sector development in Africa. Although many aspects of that strategy are still valid, it has become obvious that a rapid succession of new challenges and emerging issues necessitate a revision of that strategy.

In response to the calls from national seed programs, the outcome of the concluded United Nations Food Systems Summit, the emerging consequences of climate change and the need for closer alignment with the African Union Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, AfricaSeeds has seen the need to directly assist Member States and regional authorities in the key areas of training, knowledge dissemination, policy formulation and implementation.

AfricaSeeds also recognizes the need to embrace the informal seed sector upon which overwhelming numbers of African farmers rely.

The readjustments to AfricaSeeds’ original strategy will contribute to enhance economic growth in African countries and will be very relevant in responding to calls from the National and Regional Programs, in collaboration with sponsoring partners.


Recordings of the Online Launch Event of the New Strategy Document of AfricaSeeds – 8 december 2022

Synopsis: the key points of the Strategy

Discover the key insights of our Strategy by reading a concise summary that captures its key points. Click on the following link to read the Synopsis.

Documents of the Launching Ceremony of the AfricaSeeds New Strategy Document (8 Dec 2022)

AfricaSeeds New Strategy: An Overview