The harvest is in the seed

Why Seeds?

Seeds are the cornerstone of agriculture, serving as the genesis of life for countless crops that sustain communities and economies. Nowhere is the significance of seeds more pronounced than in Africa, where they play a pivotal role in addressing numerous challenges and driving sustainable and inclusive development across the continent.

Addressing Food and Nutrition Security


Better seeds lead to improved harvests. Quality seeds directly influence crop success, resulting in consistent, healthy, and plentiful harvests, regardless of the variety planted.

Putting More Choice in Farmers’ Hands

©CIATFarmers should have access to quality seeds of a broader spectrum of traditional and improved varieties. This can lead to more productive and resilient agriculture.

Empowering Women Across the Value Chain

©Global Crop Diversity Trust
To maximize the seed sector’s potential, it’s crucial to eliminate discrimination against women, empower them, and achieve equality between women and men.

Enhancing Agricultural Resilience

©FAO Through the availability of seeds of drought-resistant, pest-tolerant and climate-resilient crops, farmers can mitigate risks of changing environmental conditions.

Creating Wealth Through Enterprises

©HarvestPlusSeed production has the potential to serve as a significant avenue for wealth creation in Africa by empowering farmers and seed producers to transition into seed entrepreneurs.

Promoting Biodiversity and Sustainability

©Global Crop Diversity TrustBoth traditional and improved varieties can be adopted more widely if the seed systems deliver high quality seeds at the right time, in the right place.

Bringing Orphan Crops to Centre Stage

©Golbal Crop Diversity Trust
African agrobioversity sustains food and nutrition security of millions. Yet these crops are often overlooked. Investments in their seed systems should be prioritized.

Youth as the Future of Africa’s Seed Sector

The youth hold the key to the future of agriculture in Africa. It’s our responsibility to equip them with the tools they need to tackle the seed sector challenges ahead.

Driving Agricultural Transformation

©Global Crop Diversity TrustSeeds serve as catalysts for agricultural transformation, driving increased production and productivity, harnessing agrobiodiversity and creating opportunities across Africa.

Making Development More Inclusive

©Global Crop Diversity Trust
Inclusive seed sector development recognizes the importance of considering all forms of diversity, such as individuals, communities, crops, ecologies and management systems.

Seeds are indispensable for Africa's development journey, serving as catalysts for agricultural transformation, resilience, inclusion and sustainability. By addressing food and nutrition security, empowering farmers, and aligning with continental agendas, seeds hold the key to unlocking Africa's agricultural potential and driving inclusive growth and prosperity for generations to come.