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AfricaSeeds: Intergovernmental Seed Organization and Implementing Agency for the African Union Seed Program

AfricaSeeds is the Agency of the African Union in charge, since 2010, of the implementation of the African Seed and Biotechnology Programme (ASBP).

The aim of the Agency is to promote sustainable development of the seed sector to contribute to agricultural transformation, food and nutrition security and poverty reduction in Africa.

Through an intergrated and effective approach to collaboration with all seed sector stakeholders, AfricaSeeds addresses the needs for seed sector development in line with the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program (CAADP), the Malabo Declaration and the Addis-Ababa Comuniqué on Early Generation Seeds.

From the Executive Director

AfricaSeeds Executive Director

January 2022, Abidjan: Best wishes for the New Year!

On behalf of the Governing Board, management and staff of AfricaSeeds, I extend warm greetings and best wishes to all the forty-four Member States who, with FAO, formed AfricaSeeds in 1998. I greet also our numerous friends and partners who have assisted to position AfricaSeeds to be able to tackle its important continental mandate. In spite of the numerous challenges in 2021, partners and friends have supported us to conduct critical activities which brought significant relief to critical areas of the seed sector in Africa.

The year 2021 saw immense contributions by several partners, making good inroads into old challenges. But at the same time, new challenges emerged which called for concerted and collaborative efforts to address.

AfricaSeeds is happy to be at the forefront of the fight to address the emerging issues:

  • The practical mainstreaming of the informal seed sector, side by side with development of the private seed sector where it has taken root;
  • The proper embedment of seed sector knowledge and skills that should form the valid and authoritative basis of seed industry management;
  • Assistance to seed policy formulation to ensure overall legitimacy of seed sector strategies;
  • The incorporation of animal seeds as an inclusive component of ‘seed’ as a holistic terminology which covers both crops and animal generative products.

These areas may not immediately command popular attention but AfricaSeeds and several partners view them as critical for the future of the seed sector and agriculture. Particularly, with the recent AU initiatives relating to the next decade of ASBP implementation and for which AU has recently introduced Guidelines for the harmonization of policy and regulatory frameworks, AfricaSeeds stands ready to contribute its advantages in capacity building, knowledge and skills, advocacy and coordination to ensure that member states are able to take full advantage of the new initiatives that are opening up. [...]

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