The harvest is in the seed

Online High-Level Dialogue on Inclusive Seed Sector Development

AfricaSeeds' strategy on 'inclusive seed sector development for African agricultural transformation (2022 – 2031)' aims to diversify seed systems, particularly focusing on bolstering smallholder systems and connecting them with formal seed networks. This drive to widen access to quality seeds contributes to agricultural transformation. The strategy fosters collaboration across public, private and smallholder sectors, aligning with the African Union's Agenda 2063 for inclusive development. Despite Africa's limited role in the global seed trade, its vast smallholder sector can expand the market and promote equity, seed sovereignty and economic growth, benefiting everyone, including marginalized groups.

Purpose of the Dialogue

The primary aim or purpose of the High-Level Dialogue is to bring together a panel of renowned experts and key stakeholders in the African seed sector to present, discuss and share ideas with the view to create greater awareness and impart informed knowledge and better understanding about inclusive seed sector development leading to an in-depth conference on this theme in 2024.


The dialogue took place on October 6, 2023, online, as part of the sixth edition of the Agriculture and Animal Resources Fair in Abidjan. There were 250 participants from over 50 countries.

You can listen to the full dialogue by clicking on the YouTube link below.

Watch the Dialogue