The harvest is in the seed

A Platform on the African Seed Sector: AfricaSeeds Takes the Lead

The African seed sector stands as a vital component of the continent's agricultural landscape, yet its complexity and opacity present significant challenges. As Africa aims for agricultural transformation and food security, there is a pressing need for a comprehensive platform that provides accessible data, statistics, information, and knowledge on the seed sector. AfricaSeeds is establishing a dedicated knowledge gateway exclusively focused on the seed sector in Africa.

Bridging Information Gaps

At present, the lack of systematic, publicly available information on the African seed sector hampers efforts to understand its dynamics fully. A dedicated platform would serve as a repository for essential data, including seed varieties, production volumes, seed needs, market trends and regulatory frameworks. By bridging these information gaps, stakeholders - from policymakers to farmers - can make evidence-based decisions, driving more efficient and inclusive seed sector development.

Empowering Stakeholders

Access to reliable data and information is essential for empowering stakeholders at all levels of the seed sector value chain. Farmers, for instance, could benefit from insights into suitable crop varieties for their specific agroecological contexts, while seed companies could make informed investments based on market intelligence. Additionally, policymakers could use data-driven analysis to design more effective policies and regulations that support the sustainable growth of the seed sector and contribute to broader agricultural development goals.

Promoting Collaboration and Innovation

A public platform on the African seed sector would not only facilitate access to information but also catalyze collaboration and innovation. By fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities, the platform could spark dialogue among diverse stakeholders, including researchers, entrepreneurs, and civil society organizations. This collaborative ethos could, in turn, inspire innovative solutions to pressing challenges, such as climate change resilience, seed quality assurance and access to quality seeds.

AfricaSeeds Contribution to a Seed Sector Platform

AfricaSeeds is actively engaged in developing an online knowledge platform dedicated to the African seed sector, known as the Seed Knowledge Gateway (SKG).

The inaugural Inception Workshop, held from 11 to 13 February, 2019, in Akosombo, Ghana, marked the commencement of the preparatory phase for the SKG, conducted in collaboration with the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA). The preparatory phase of the SKG was made possible through support from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

Subsequently, from 7 to 9 August, 2019, AfricaSeeds convened with key stakeholders in Abidjan to validate the project document outlining the next four years of the Seed Knowledge Gateway (SKG).

Currently, the planning phase of the SKG is undergoing review, with efforts underway to identify suitable investors to propel the initiative forward.


By bridging information gaps, stakeholders – from policymakers to farmers – can make evidence-based decisions, driving more efficient and inclusive seed sector development.