The harvest is in the seed

9 August 2019, Abidjan: the validation workshop to initiate the development of the online platform on the seed sector in Africa

The Seed Knowledge Gateway, SKG, a web-based information system, which will be sponsored by donors and AfricaSeeds in the main, is being built to address the huge problem of data and statistics insufficiency in seed sector planning and development in Africa. When fully developed, the SKG will be freely available to all seed sector operators to aid them in their various seed sector development and commercial interventions and launch Africa on a credible path towards continental seed security and, thereby, the cherished goal of continental food and nutrition security.

Thanks to the significant contributions of our closest partners in this project that are the Swiss Development Co-operation, the National Seed Council of Nigeria, and the Ivorian Government, we have delivered a Project Document, which will be used to develop the SKG proper.

We held a workshop in Abidjan on 7-9 of August, 2019, due to gather special expertise in various aspects of the planned SKG, which will help to finalize and validate the document.

We have no doubt that the improved document will contribute to strike a blow for seed security and move the Continent one more step towards fulfilling AU’s goal of food and nutrition security.


25 October 2016: on improving access to information 

"At AfricaSeeds, we aim at developing a credible information gateway that will serve the needs of all stakeholders of the seed sector in Africa. We call for partners to help with various resources especially technical and human resources to start this important endeavour. We are conscious it is important to persue the recommendations and continue the effort started at the International Workshop on Measuring Seed Sector Performance."

"I invite stakeholders of the seed sector to consider AfricaSeeds as their "homepage" for the seed sector in Africa!"

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