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19 Oct 2022
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Week 74 – Seed-Business Oriented Demonstration Trials: An Efficient Option to Promote Tef (Eragrostis tef ) Varieties

Authors: Abate Bekele, Solomon Chanyalew, Tebkew Damte, Nigussu Husien, Worku Kebede, Kidist Tolosa, Yazachew Genet, Kebebew Assefa, Demeke Nigussie, Dominik Klauser and Zerihun Tadele; 2022
Key words: traditional varieties; neglected crops

Tef (Eragrostis tef) is extensively cultivated by over 6.5 million smallholder farmers in Ethiopia.


09 Jun 2022
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Week 55 – Research results: Climate Change and Seed System Interventions Impact on Food Security and Incomes in East Africa

Authors: Gloria Otieno, Robert John O Ogola, Tobias Recha, Jemal Nurhisen Mohammed and Carlo Fadda
Topics: seed sector development; food security; local seed systems

From the Seeds for Needs Initiative works with farmers to diversify local seed systems. This paper evaluates the impact on farm household production, sales, income, consumption and seed storage in Kenya & Uganda.