Authors: Wafaa El Khoury, Robert Delve, Internation Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), 2018
Topics: Farmers seed systems, Partnership, Governance, lessons learnt

This toolbox was developed by IFAD. It contains three documents described below:

  • Teaser on seed systems aims at providing a brief introduction to the importance, challenges and concepts in understanding the seed sector and how it can impact the livelihoods of poor smallholder households.
  • The Lessons Learned publication further expands on some of the key lessons learned from IFAD projects with seed components and other sources to help inform the design and implementation of more effective seed projects.
  • The How To Do Note (HTDN) builds on the concepts in the Teaser and goes into more detail on assessing the elements of a national seed system. A framework of explanation, questions and potential interventions will form the basis of terms of reference (ToRs) for consultants and background studies needed to provide a better understanding of the seed sector to inform the design of projects, as well as guide supervision missions. The information gathered will also provide a basis for further discussion and validation of the findings with seed sector stakeholders.


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