Author: Global Alliance for the Future of Food (2019)
Topics: Policy / Research / Partnerships / Governance

The Resilient Seed Systems Shared Action Framework (available in English and Spanish) is a strategic guide for diverse stakeholders to take a holistic, collaborative approach to protecting and enhancing the world’s seed systems and to galvanize the action on agricultural biodiversity.

The actions of a diverse group of players is needed to strengthen farmer managed and community-based seed systems and to promote innovation and markets that regenerate rather than erode agricultural biodiversity. Guided by a set of common principles and priorities, the Shared Action Framework is designed to increase dialogue and collaboration among farmer associations, Indigenous Peoples groups, civil society organizations, research institutions, government, policy makers, the private sector, and donors and, in doing so, help accelerate this much-needed food system transformation.

To download the document, please click on the links: English – Spanish