Authors: Patrice Djamen, Souleymane Ouattara, Bioversity International, Swiss Cooperation, 2017
Topics: Farmers’ seed systems, participatory approach, partnership, subsidies, Burkina Faso

This document is part of the perspective of extending the momentum spurred by the project “Improving seed systems for smallholder farmers’ food security” implemented in Burkina Faso by Bioversity International and its local partners and funded by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Organization (SDC). This mission aimed to generate the knowledge needed to explore mechanisms that can better take into account the concerns of small producers in seed systems.

The following six themes have been identified for advocacy in favour of better taking into account the concerns of small producers: (i) Seed autonomy of producers and promotion of traditional varieties; (ii) Emergence and capacity building of seed Farmers’ Organizations; (iii) Improving the efficiency of seed subsidy programs; (iv) Strengthening the participation of producers in the governance of the seed industry; (v) Strengthening public-private partnerships and the implementation of regulatory and strategic frameworks for the seed sector and; (vi) Adoption of an integrated programmatic approach inclusive of the different seed subsystems. Some actors with the appropriate profile to conduct these actions were proposed. This choice must be validated for each area of activity by the actors concerned. The development of synergies and collaborations between the various stakeholders is key for the success of the actions.

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