Author: SWISSAID, Alternative Citizen Spaces, 2017
Topics: farmers seeds systems, right to food, seed policy

In this document [in French], the complementary seed law 2014-067 of 05 November 2014 existing in Niger and its implication on small farmers has been objectively analysed, by identifying both the risks and the opportunities which could then serve as an entry point into the defence of local and peasant seeds.

In addition, it also involved analyzing all the options taken by the State in the seed sector as well as their impacts on the right to food and food sovereignty. The study also analyzed the processes underway at the UEMOA / ECOWAS level and the possible room for maneuver for Niger, in order to make relevant and realistic proposals for improving seed regulation in order to make it more favorable to small rural producers. Among other things, the study identified key actions to be carried out as well as targets and messages for a positive influence.

At the end of the conclusions of the results of the study, a multi-stakeholder day of discussion and reflection on the conclusions of the study was organized.

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