Author: Ayesiga Buberwa (Iles de la Paix) at the ECHO East Africa Symposium, 28-30 Sep 21
Topics: biodiversity; farmers’ seed systems; utilization; Tanzania

This presentation has been held on the 30th of September at the 6th ECHO East Africa Biennial Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture and Appropriate Technologies.

Iles de Paix under the Kilimo Endelevu program is promoting farmer-managed seed systems. The main objective is to improve the seed sovereignty of the smallholder farmers in the Karatu District through increased access to good quality farmer-managed seeds of their choice at all times. The program specifically supports the identification, collection and characterization of available farmer-managed seeds, and builds the capacity of smallholder farmers to produce, multiply, save and distribute good quality farmer-managed seeds. The program promotes the use and utilization of farmer-managed seed varieties to family farmers that are affordable and accessible within their locality. Additionally, the program is implementing an advocacy and sensitization strategy which aims to advocate for a farmer-managed seed system towards the Tanzanian Government in reaction to the amendment of the Seed Act in 2014.

The presentation focuses on the approach, steps implemented, results achieved, experiences and lessons learned from this initiative.

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