Authors: Michael Waithaka (TASAI); Mainza Mugoya; Edward Mabaya; Krisztina Tihanyi; ZEF Working Paper Series, Working Paper 206, 2021
Topics: community seed banks; seed enterprises; Quality Declared Seed

The overall goal of decentralizing seed services is to increase the availability and accessibility of quality seed to farmers. The governments of Uganda and Tanzania have endeavoured to enhance access to improved seed for smallholder farmers.

These efforts have achieved results and encountered challenges. The successes include an increase in the number of key players in the seed sector in general. In Uganda, the number of community seed banks (CSB) has increased from one to five over the last five years (Adokorach et al., 2020). The number of Local Seed Businesses (LSBs) has increased from 27 in 2012 to 256 in 2020. In addition to the increase in actors involved in improved seed production, the interaction between them has also improved. The LSBs are developing strong links with the Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (ZARDI), and the CSBs are working closely with the Plant Genetic Resources Centre. In Tanzania, the government has demonstrated willingness to support the production of Quality Declared Seed (QDS) through the enactment of the QDS Regulations in July 2020. […]

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