Author: (2020)
Topics: Policy / Planning / Emergency / Covid-19

Covid-19 is bringing new challenges, including to farmers, seed systems, and to seed security response. This brief is part of a set of guidance notes that aim to help humanitarian practitioners think through the possible effects of Covid -19 on farmers’ seed security – and then to offer guidance on possible response options, if needed.

The attention is drawn on the importance to intervene in a way that will not have negative effects on the seed system in place. The emergency interventions discussed in this brief are focusing on smallholder farmers.

During Covid-19, humanitarians should conduct a seed-related intervention only if it is really needed, and only if it can be done effectively (in time, focusing on the right crops and varieties, and targeting the most vulnerable). The safety of farmers, suppliers, and humanitarian workers has to be considered paramount all along the process.

Download the brief to know more about emergency interventions on seed systems during the Covid-19 pandemic.