Authors: CO Ojiewo, S Kugbei, Z Bishaw and JC Rubyogo (eds) , 2013
Key words: governance; community seeds

Over the past decade, there has been an emerging trend to lower yield gaps through promoting more efficient and accessible input markets and ‘market-led technology adoption in agriculture’. This strategy encourages increasing the use of new adapted varieties with appropriate inputs and development of effective output markets to absorb surplus production. Consequently, higher incomes and profits for re-investment are generated. The objective of the Agricultural Green Revolution for Africa Program for Africa Seed Systems (AGRA-PASS) is to introduce 400 new varieties of 10 staple crops, assist more than 50 African seed enterprises to serve the needs of smallholder farmers, and train up to 10,000 well-functioning agro-dealers within five years. This effort, of particular importance, aims to go to scale with the new USAID/AGRA three-year Scaling Seeds and Technologies Partnership of US$ 47 million to accelerate smallholder farmer access to transformative agricultural technologies.

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